Welcome Luca!

We have the pleasure to welcome Phd. Luca Vassio in the Team! His proficiency in AI, Optimization for engineering and Datascience applications to Energy and Transportation fields will boost LYNF technology maturation towards the next challenges!

Great restart in 2022

Breaking achievements for LYNF to boost the ramp-up in 2022:  the Ecomechanical Technology to produce the most powerful and sustainable energy accumulators is patent pending from end 2021, and we just entered PoliHub – Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator in Milan, in early 2022!

LYNF and Cannaben in 2022

LYNF and Cannaben are starting a plan of synergetic cooperation in the name of sustainability. The final goal is to develop an automated textile platform for on-demand SlowFashion, perfectly integrated in the CircularEconomy.

This partnership combines the Industry 4.0 and Ecology thanks to the use of renewable energy in combination with our innovative ecomechanical batteries, which are fully sustainable, recyclable and with a low carbon footprint.
In the first half of 2022 we will organize an online kick-off event, followed by an open contest to turn ambitious innovative green ideas into reality.

Synergies towards 2022

What an amazing 2021! This year we have set the stage for our future collaborations in 2022.

We have connected with Cannaben and Treebù Startups that share with us the Social Benefits and sustainability objectives to start a fruitful collaboration in 2022.

We will also get soon into the PoliHub – Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator community!

For more informations have a look to the Collaborations & Synergies section of our website.